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The Art of industry by Bob Callender

Human Trafficking Awareness Education Auction

Born and raised in West Texas, Bob Callender knows the oil and gas industry and how to reveal its beauty through his professional photography. His artwork is one of a kind and perfect for those in the oil industry or with a passion for fine art. Bob Callender is one of the few artists who can successfully capture the essence of working an oil field, the dedication of its employees, and the beauty of a pump jack at work. His artwork will resonate with anyone who is familiar with an oil rig or has worked with one up close.

Oil and Gas Art for an Office or Company Lobby

If you are in the oil and gas industry, Bob Callender’s artwork is a perfect fit for your workspace. To enhance the look of your office or lobby, first select one of our photographs and then choose the custom frame that will suit your office best. Bring the oil field to your office with a photograph that captures the industry from an up close and personal viewpoint. Bob’s corporate artwork and photography will leave your office or lobby relevant and refined.

Custom Photography of Oil Fields and Oil Rigs

While Bob Callender has a gallery full of photographs from oil fields all over the United States, he also offers custom photography services. He can travel to your company’s oil properties and use his photographs to create a one of a kind piece of art. Customized artwork can enhance your corporate image and the appearance of your office, home, or reception area.

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Bob Callender’s Fine Art is now collected in over 900 galleries across the US. Recognized for his dynamic images, Callender’s work invokes the strength of the oil and gas industry, of energy engineering and transportation horsepower with colors that jump off the page. Natural surroundings, wide-open spaces and big Texas skies create an impact that is authentic and powerful. Shop our online galleries by subject or contact us today to arrange for the creation of a custom piece of art!