Bob Callender Fine Art
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Bob Callender’s fine art prints combine dramatic photography, vivid colors, and artistic touches to create new, captivating visions of the oil and gas industry.

Bob, a West Texas native and the youngest of ten children, grew up in the oil patch watching his father and older brothers work hard to earn a living.

When Bob was a boy, he developed a strong passion for photography. This passion shines throughout Bob’s work. Using high dynamic range photography and photographic manipulation, he creates images that showcase the essence and beauty of the oilfield.

Bob begins his artistic process shooting with the maximum amount of color information, using raw images, and then makes post-shoot adjustments, maintaining flexibility and high detail throughout. This makes every single shot a work of art.

Bob, nationally known for his work, has been published in several magazines, and is the exclusive cover artist for Oil and Gas Monthly. His work is also featured in over 900 fine art galleries throughout United States and Canada, as well as being nationally licensed through Somerset Fine Art.

Bob has worked with a variety of clients including Latshaw Drilling, Titan Petro Services, J.B. Hunt Gas & Oil Drilling, Kel-Tech, Lucky Services, Cutter Drilling Systems, Primary Utility Services, Viking Drilling, and MTN Energy Corp.

Contact Bob today to commission him for your corporate art. His unique style is sure to provide you with many amazing images that will transform any office, lobby or conference room into a conversation piece.