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The Power of Light

Bob Callender Fine Art

The Power of Light

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Midland, Texas—the mind and soul of the West Texas oil fields. The Permian Basin gladly shoulders the energy needs of the land across its wide prairies, and this incredible photograph captures the city’s brilliant essence.

They call oil black gold, and this incandescent image brings that to life with crystal clarity. The city’s energy and vision is never more apparent than when its nighttime glow stretches its fingers up to the heavens.

This is another city that never sleeps—its thousand points of light illuminating so many snapshots of the town: lighting the geophysicist in his or her office poring seismics for the next find; revealing the rig hand bucking along a hidden caliche road to his next all-nighter in the rich oil fields; wrapping safety around the Oil Patch family returning home from a neighborhood cookout.

This is the tapestry of life, woven together from steely strands of faith, family and fearlessness, and rising from the dreams of every soul. Just as Midland leans on oil and gas for its existence, the nation leans on that oil and gas for their freedom and their way of life.

How do you take this all in? Do you sit back and let the energy and ideas wash over you? Or do you grab a magnifying glass and dive headlong into the details, the very pores of the city’s skin, discovering a new hidden gem every time you look?

You do both. From the multiplied energy of 140,000 souls to the individual hopes and dreams of each person, there are at least a million stories depicted here. 

Whether you’re new to Midland or an expatriate drilling through your own memories, this image will quickly embed itself into your heart. And your soul.

This artwork is created with a 2" museum-wrapped canvas Giclée and is produced in a limited edition. Made from an original photograph, captured by Bob Callender. This print is hand-signed and numbered, by the artist. Only archival materials are used in the creation of this print, to ensure consistent quality for the life of the print.

When all Limited Editions run out the master will be preserved for licensing and other purposes. The artist reserves all copyrights in the work of fine art this certificate accompanies. No reproductions can be made without expressed written permission of the artist.

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